Your Purpose is a Process

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

– Arthur Ashe

At the beginning of 2019, I made the decision to change direction in life.  I had spent a few years trying to find happiness by making a small tweak here or there, trying the same things in different ways but ultimately felt the same, trapped and disillusioned.  It is a perpetual state, and it is something that cannot be unseen, unheard and all of life’s challenges circle around those feelings.

What I have come to realise is that I was looking for the wrong thing.  Happiness is the byproduct, the feeling I would have if I found my purpose. 

Living without passion and fulfilment is emptiness and emptiness cannot produce the outcomes you desire.

Even if I could have carried on with my old career, making the best of the situation by getting each task done in a repetitive cycle and using every minute outside of that work to have fun and be with the ones I care about I would have continually come back to the same headspace. 

Because having fun, going on holiday, playing with the kids, romancing the wife are all amazing, joyful things to do but if the person inside can’t see their purpose or at least feel like they are on a journey to something then they will feel resent and incomplete.

We all have coping mechanisms when in that place and that is how we survive.  In one way or another, we distract or escape from the reality that is bothering us.  Some eat, some spend.  Some drink, some cheat.  It is survival instincts, a way to feel alive, a hit of dopamine when life isn’t quite measuring up to expectations.

Like with most things in life there are quick fixes and long-term solutions.  Once I had made the decision to change direction it was surprising how much self-discovery can occur. Instead of being closed in by my emotions, situation and fear I was exploring, discovering and building confidence in myself.  Without even making an actual move, the shift in thinking, the hope and possibilities started to set me free.

In this mindset, you are more receptive to opportunity.  You can see patterns in what attracts you on a subconscious level.  For me, that was the broad purpose of helping people.

One of the first opportunities that resonated with me was to start a business related to children’s entertainment.  Then I trained to be a counsellor for children.  Wanting to start a business, led to digital marketing education and starting an online business to help others find their purpose and transition out of their corporate careers.  The further I go, the more ideas come to mind.  In the space of 12 months, I have found myself involved in multiple projects, all exciting in their own way and with an underlying theme focusing on helping people connect, be joyful and content.

My purpose is becoming clearer and every step of the journey has contributed.  Trust the Process.

With every story I have read of others doing the same, I have found inspiration and I hope you can to.  Inspired to look at your life and make a decision.  Inspired to explore and learn.  Inspired to find your purpose and the success and fulfilment which will come with it.

With every step forward you take a new opportunity will present itself.

Believe in Plan B

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